Depollution Stage

The depollution procedure has the main  purpose to take away from the vehicle all fluids, gases or items that can be potentially dangerous to safety or to the environment.

Our stations are equipped with integrated systems for suction and storage; offering the possibility of fluids suction from 4 to 5 lines, fuel suction from 2 to 3 lines and internal integrated storage of fluids. The entire working area is located on anti-slip grid.

1.1 Preliminary activities

1.2 Complete drainage systems

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1.3 Fluids recovery

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1.4 Freon recovery

1.5 Fuel drain and to re-use of petrol and diesel

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1.6 Drainage, storage and combustion of LPG and CNG

New-Easygas | Residual LPG and Methane recovery

1.7 Removal and neutralization of airbags

Air bag de-activiator

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