CCU | AdBlue extractor / distributor cart

  • CCU Ad Blue extractor / distributor cart - back and frontal side
  • CCU Suction system
  • CCU Ad Blue dispensing gun
  • CCU storage Tank

Cart for aspiration and distribution of the AdBlue solution, designed for the extraction and distribution of recovered Adblue liquid from ELV.

Cart for aspiration and distribution of the AdBlue solution.

Designed for the suction and distribution  of the water and urea solution tanks from the latest generation diesel vehicles equipped with the Adblue anti-pollution system.

CCU is equipped with a suction system, a circuit of pipes and pneumatic pumps for recovering the residual liquid, and a storage tank with a maximum capacity of 220 liters.

Once recovered Adblue, you can reuse the solution through the appropriate dispensing gun.

AdBlue drainage 50l/min - 11 Uk gal Air pump
Distribution 70 l/min - 16 uk gal/min
Weight 155 Kg - 342 Lbs
Overall dimensions 850 x 700 mm h. 800 mm - 35 x 28 in h. 32 In