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Freon gas recovery station for ELV The RFB is used for the recovery of R12 and R134 refrigerant gases and the new R1234YF, used in the latest generation cars. The uniqueness of the RBF allows a complete and very quick cycle, totally automatic, for the collection and storage; additionally, with the electronic scale you have […]

Rim-tire separation system for tires from ELV SG02 has been designed to separate the two materials in an economic and safe way, it allows to work tires between 12 “and 19”. It’s possible to carry out a treatment of 60-90 wheels/hour and obtain a return of at least 3000/3500 kg of metal per day, promoting […]

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On 14 October last, the Indian Ministry of Transport published the new guidelines for the creation of authorized centers for the ELV. The Country is going to organize on the European model. Iris-Mec has been present since 2017, with its own equipment in the CERO Recycling facilities a joint venture company between Mahindra Accelo and […]

In a recent episode of Drive Up, a program dedicated to the world of engines on the ITALIA 1 channel (Italian Television), the subject of recycling and re-use of materials deriving from the processing of cars destined for demolition was discussed. For the occasion, our customer CESA – Ecological Center for Environmental Services – of […]

Recently the magazine Recycling International – a publication specialized in the recycling sector – published an interview with the Director of Recycling Partners, a subsidiary company IRIS-MEC, Eng. Joachim Vogt. Vogt reports an important increase in sales of Iris-Mec equipment throughout the World: in addition to European countries, where strict norms regulate end-of-life vehicle recovery […]

Among his products, the Iris-Mec team has included a new recovery system for diesel vehicles equipped with tanks for the AdBlue® additive. With the recent anti-pollution regulations, new systems for reducing NOx emissions (nitrogen oxides) of diesel vehicles have been introduced by car manufacturers. The most widespread system is the AdBlue® additive: a solution composed […]

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