Systems to tilt and lift the vehicles, ideal for optimizing the disassembly phase, and for separating the mechanical components from ELV.

Range of Iris-Mec tilting lifts and lifts, designed for positioning the ELV and optimizing the disassembly, the partition and the recycling of mechanical components.

RBT | Tilting ramp

RBT Tilting Rig

RBT Tilting ramp for vehicles. It can reach an overturning angle of 90° to ease the disassembly of engines, fuel tanks, axles and shock absorbers.

PRT and PRT EC | Tilting and lifting systems

PRT tilting
PRT elevation

PRT and PRT EC: systems to tilt and lift the vehicles. They can reach an overturning angle of 90° and 2 meters height.

PRT EC tilting and elevator lift
PRT-EC with cart and electric pallet

Open base PRT EC to place the cars with the CRL EC handling trolleys.

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