Equipment for the recovery and reuse of the AdBlue anti-pollution device of diesel vehicles.

Iris-Mec has designed a depollution system for vehicles equipped with the AdBlue anti-pollution device such as trucks, buses and euro 6 diesel cars.

CCU | AdBlue suction and distribution trolley

It’s a mobile trolley equipped with a double system for suction and distribution.

CCU suction system

The suction system recovers the residual AdBlue liquid from the tank and sends it to the appropriate storage tank.

CCU distribution system

The distribution system is equipped with a dispensing gun that allows the reuse of the recovered solution.

Additional AdBlue kit

kit Adblue for PFT

It’s an additional kit that can be installed on any equipment manufactured by Iris-Mec such as complete depollution stations and PFT system for fuel recovery.

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