New “VS Line” by Iris-Mec with PFT-Strong fuel recovery system with remote controls and visual monitoring system for petrol and diesel quality.

VS Line

Iris-Mec has added the new VS line: to its range of products for the ELV sector.

A series of complete depollution stations and fluid recovery systems arranged with two additional equipment able to optimize the ELV depollution operations.


Tank drilling system with remote controls for the recovery of residual petrol and diesel fuels.

PFT-Strong guarantees quick and easy drilling, perfect for truck and pick up reinforced metal tanks.

Thanks to the extendable arm and remote controls, PFT-Strong prevents the risk for the operators to come into contact with fuels during drilling.


Visual monitoring kit for the quality and purity of residual petrol and diesel.

The sucked fuels are channelled into the transparent glass tube, for quality assessment, with the possibility of diverting the dirty liquid into the waste tank.

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