CCU new trolley for the AdBlue © additive

With the new laws regulating polluting emissions, car manufacturers have had to design new pollution control systems, one of the best known is the Adblue © system.

This system foresees the presence of a tank containing the additive, which, supplied in the muffler, transforms the polluting agents, such as nitrogen oxides, into harmless gases. The Adblue © system is on large vehicles (trucks, buses) powered by diesel fuel on new Euro 6 cars.

Faced with this new reality, even the car recyclers and mechanical workshops will have to upgrade their equipment: Iris-Mec reccomends the CCU new trolley for the AdBlue © additive.

The CCU cart is equipped with a suction and distribution system, which allows the recovery and reuse of AdBlue ©. The additive, once sucked up, is stocked in a special tank, to then be reused through the dispensing gun.

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