RFB 2 | Automatic refrigerant gas recovery – with scale

Complete the refrigerant gas recovery and storage cycle very quickly

RFB 2 is able to complete the refrigerant gas recovery and storage cycle very quickly because the entire process is controlled by an electronic control unit; the operator only has to deal with the preliminary connection between the car and the air-conditioning system.

✅ Automatic refrigerant gas recovery and storage cycle
✅ Process controlled by control unit
✅ Integrated scale
✅ Recovered gas quantity measurement
✅ Circuit filtering and cleaning at each cycle

The entire cycle takes place in a safe and controlled manner. Thanks to the electronic scale, it is possible to check the weight of the recovered gas and be warned when the cylinder is full. The separator and filtration system guarantee effective cleaning of the recovered gas because impurities are expelled along with the oil in each cycle.  In this way: the gas can be safely reused, the circuit remains clean and maintenance works are reduced.

Panel mounted

  • Safety valve/Manual exhaust valve for non-condensable gases
  • Lp/Hp panel taps
  • 4.7” display

On display

  • 27 languages software
  • Digital reading of the inlet pressure
  • Alarm on display for cylinder too full
  • Filter maintenance warning
  • Reset at cylinder change


  • Automatic compressor oil separator
  • Internal filter drier
  • Automatic exhausted oil drain
  • Couple of quick couplings R134 (Lp/Hp)


  • Printer (panel with pre-cut)
  • R134 and R1234yf recovery cyilinder + R1234yf quick couplers
Technical data
Recovery compressor (in liquid phase) 300 gr/min
Electronic scale with load cell 80 Kg
¼ SAE flexible hoses 3 m
Exhausted oil drain container 250 cc
Tank pressure gauge 0 - 25 bar
Dimensions 106.5 x 55 x 45 cm
Weight (without cylinders) 45 kg

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