SGR | Residual LPG and Methane recovery unit

  • SGR Command

Residual LPG and Methane tanks recovery

SGR is a system designed for the recovery and disposal of residual LPG and CNG fuels in the tanks of ELV

This equipment is available with a double process:

  • The LPG recovery cycle which involves aspiration of the liquid part of the fuel, while the residual gaseous part is sent to the burner;
  • The CNG recovery cycle which provides sending the residual gas to the burner;

At the end of each cycle, the tank is washed with nitrogen.

Versions are also available for the exclusive recovery of:

  • LPG: SGR G,

The equipment is complete with a burner for the residual gas.

The New Easygas recovery station complies with the directives 2006 / 42 / CE and 2014 / 34 / UE.

Burner’s heat output 90 Kw
Maximum allowed pressure in LPG circuit bar 15.5
Maximum allowed pressure in methane circuit bar 200
Inlet pressure of compressed air bar min 7 / max 12
Maximunm flow rate of LPG transferring (limited by multi-valve of the car) 7 l/min - 1,5 UK gal/min
Inlet rate of compressed air Nl/min 400
Acoustic emission Lp (A) dB(A) 50
Weight 60 kg - 133 Lbs
Overall dimensions 50 x 750 mm h. 800 mm - 2 x 30 in h. 32in