SRX11E | Automatic wheels press

Automatic equipment for the separation of the tire - rim with a N ° 120 work-hour cycles. Minimum and maximum diameter of the tires to be treated 12”-22“

This machine is designed to separate the tire from the rim in an easy and safe way. The wheelspress reduces the volume of the iron and press it ready for furnaces. The wheelspress can crush from 80 to 140 wheels per hour, that means approximately 7054/12125 lb of iron per day. For this reason this machine gives a quick Return of Investment (ROI).

Engine 11 kW / 380V - 14.7 hp / 380 V
Max working pressure 80 / 180 bar - 1160 /2320 psi
N° cycle-hour 120
Max flow 80 l / min - 17 Uk gal / min
Weight 1550 Kg - 3420 Lbs
Overall dimensions 1620 x 2400 h.3050 mm - 64 x 95 in h. 120 in

Standard quipment
Locked casing
Automatic working cycle electronic control (E model)
Automatic power off (E model)
Manual centralized lubricator (E model)

Dust aspirator for inner use
Conveyor bell
Automatic lubrification