CSB | Auxiliary trolley

Auxiliary trolley for the disassembly of mechanics and battery packs

Trolley with elevating platform perfect for any type of intervention or maintenance on traditional vehicles, particularly designed for the removal of battery packs from electric vehicles at the end of life. Platforms available, quickly replaceable, suitable for all battery models and for LPG-CNG tanks, engines, gearboxes and differentials.

✅ Productivity and safety during disassembly;
✅ Perfect for removing battery packs;
✅ Interchangeable platform;
✅ Correct posture and ergonomics for the operator;
✅ Compact, stable and easy to manoeuvre.

The CSB trolley was designed primarily as a safety device for removing battery packs from electric vehicles at the end of life, a dangerous operation that can only be carried out in authorized structures and by trained personnel. The platform supports the entire weight of the battery block by keeping it aligned during disconnection, once removed and positioned on the top it can be easily moved to the battery disassembly or storage stations.

Adaptable to any area and organization of the work area, it also simplifies the disassembly of engines, LPG and CNG cylinders and all mechanical parts that can be removed from under the car.

An help and constant safety throughout the vehicle disassembly procedure, supporting the weight of the mechanical parts as they are removed, it limits the risk of workplace accidents.

Technical data
Payload 1000 Kg
Power Unit 2.2 kW - 24V
Pump Gr.05 - 1.05 cc / Gr.1 - 1.05 cc
Battery charging 220 V
Duration of ascent 24 sec
Alarm Acustico - Audible - Sonore
Weight 400 Kg
Dimensions 1800 x 703 x h 1198 > 2148 mm