CNT | Junction box for cutters

The professional threephase junction box with 1.28 hp engine with double pump to obtain a high speed and a 10152 psi pressure. It is provided with an automatic on-off system and supplied with a wheel-cart.

Engine 0,95 kW/380 V
Max work pressure max 700 bar
Max flow 1.1 - 3.3 l/min
Cycles / hour 250
Weight 60 kg
Overall dimensions 860 x 693 x 540 mm
ICU05 A30
Max opening 100 mm
Weight 9 kg
ICU10 A30
Max opening 155 mm
Weight 14 kg
ICU05 A10
Max opening 100 mm
Weight 9,5 kg
ICU10 A10
Max opening 140 mm
Weight 14,5 kg
ICU05 A60
Max opening 220 mm
Weight 10 kg
Standard quipment Closed casing
Automatic working cycle
Automatic power on-off system