SGR | Residual LPG and Methane recovery

The system to recover residual LPG and CNG gases



SGR is a system designed for the recovery and disposal of residual fuels in the tanks of ELV

This equipment is available with a double process:

  • The LPG recovery cycle which involves aspiration of the liquid part of the fuel, while the residual gaseous part is sent to the burner;
  • The CNG recovery cycle which provides sending the residual gas to the burner

At the end of each cycle, the tank is washed with nitrogen.

Versions are also available for the exclusive recovery of:

The equipment is complete with a burner for the residual gas.

The New Easygas recovery station complies with the directives 2006 / 42 / CE and 2014 / 34 / UE.

Equipment for making safe LPG and Methane cylinders. In LPG cycle it drains the liquid part, it burns the residual part of gas and it fills with nitrogen. In Methane cycle it burns the residual gas and it fills with nitrogen. In compliance with CE 94/9 Directive.