RBT BF | Tilting rig with fixed platform

  • RBT BF

Tilting lift with fixed platform for a full and safe dismantling of End life Vehicles.

Revolving RBT Rig with fixed platform for End-Life-Vehicles disassembly.

Plant designed for the disassembly of the mechanical components from motor vehicles that can possibly be sold as spare parts or destined for metal recovery.

PRT has a tilting angle of 90 °, allowing the operator to disassemble the components of the cars in total safety.

The new fixed platform guarantees greater safety for operators, reducing the risk of tripping during the processing phases, and optimizes processing times, decreases the time for entering and ejecting vehicles to be reclaimed.

RBT 32
Tilting angle 90°
Maximum working pressure of lifting hydraulic circuit 200 bar - 2900.7psi
Tilting forward time 32 sec
Tilting return time 36 sec
Support brackets interaxis 1230 x 1600 mm - 48.4 x 63 in
Maximum capacity 3200 Kg - 6614 Lbs
‘A’ Weighted sound pressure level (LPA) 45 db
Electrical power requirements 3 Kw - 4 hp
Voltage (V-three-phase) 400 / 50-60 Hz
Rated current 6,5 A
Electrical connection EC 60309 3P Plug +T 16A red with 394” cable 3P+T 0.004 in2
Tilting Rig dimensions 3235 x 1920 x 2840 mm - 127.4 x75.6 in h.112in
Control box dimensions 670 x 480 mm h. 970 mm - 26.4 x 18.9 in h. 38 in
Weight 1130 Kg - 2491 Lbs