To ease the separation of ELV materials, Iris-Mec designed a dedicated line for a “safe” mechanical cutting.

CNC – CTC | Cutting catalysts and mechanical parts

The CNC – CTC control unit with special shears for cutting catalyst devices. Thanks to its “hook” structure, the shear hangs on the catalyst or damper tube, allowing the blade to perform a fast and safe cut.

CNT + SHEARS Control unit for shears to cut Catalysts and mechanical parts

To cut catalysts and other components, we designed a a 2-speed shear control unit working at a max. pressure of 700 bar. It can work with different types of shears to be used for cutting catalysts, shock absorbers and parts of car body.

BSC arm to hold the catalysts

Both solutions can use the arm to support the catalyst. To assure the operator’s safety, this device supports the muffler.

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