Fixed and mobile systems designed for the recovery and reuse of fuels from ELV.

Equipment for the recovery and reuse of fuels

To facilitate the depollution of vehicles, Iris-Mec designed a wide range of systems for the recovery and reuse of fuels from ELV.

PFT fixed perforators

Equipment for the recovery of petrol and diesel can suck up the residual fuels in two ways: by means of a perforator or with a manual aspirator.

The models of the PFT range can be integrated with mobile lifts and complete depollution stations.

Mobile trolleys for fuel suction and recovery

It’s possible to recover the fuels through the suction system and / or the PFT pneumatic drill.The fuels can be reused thanks to the special filtering and distribution system.

LPG / methane recovery stations

For LPG and CNG vehicles, the New Easygas station is available for the recovery and safety of the tanks; it’s a mobile unit equipped with a double process:

new Easygas GLP cycle

LPG recovery cycle: suction and recovery of the liquid part; the residual gaseous part is sent to the burner;

new Easygas CNG Cycle

Methane recovery cycle: the residual gaseous is sent to the burner;

New Easygas is also available in the models:

Easygas G Only GLP tanks recovery

New Easygas G: Only LPG Recovery

Easygas M Only CNG tanks recovery

New Easygas M: Only CNG Recovery.

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