For the cutting phase of the different materials coming for ELV, Iris-Mec has designed dedicated equipment.

Cutting catalysts

CNC CTC Junction box with catalytic cutter

The CNC – CTC control unit with special shears for cutting catalyst devices. Thanks to its “hook” structure, the shear hangs on the catalyst tube, allowing the blade to make a precise, fast and safe cut.

For this operation, it’s possible to use an arm to hold the catalysts. This device supports the muffler during cutting and prevents any operator injury.

Cutting catalysts

Junction box for multifuncitional cutters

To cut catalysts and other parts, a 2-speed shear control unit has been designed with a maximum pressure of 700 Bar CNT , it can work with different types of shears to be used for cutting operations, catalysts, shock absorbers, etc.

The shears for the multi-function control unit:

Glass cutting

TVP windscreen cutter

Glass cutting TVP: Three-phase suction with pneumatic drill to cut the glass of the windscreen and rear window.

This system is equipped with a very powerful and silent suction, so as to allow the operator to work in complete safety

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