RFB | Automatic recovering system freon with weight scale

The mobile unit to recover the freon from air condition of ELV! RFB can be used for R12 and R134a and now also – with a special adapter – for the new R1234YF, which will used now step by step in nearly all new cars. The filters of RFB are self-cleaning. All particles are going out with the oil into the cylinder. This will reduce your maintenance efforts. RFB – the optimal solution for all cars with air condition!

N° cycle - hour 10/12
Weight 40 Kg
Overall dimensions 450 x 450 x h 1100 mm
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz 1 ~
Freon R 12 - R 134 - R1234 YF
Tank scale .


  • Freon junction Kit R1234YF A/P B/P
  • Pliers for refrigerant extraction

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